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Our Services - What We Do

Property Management

The Property You Want: We want you to find the property that's right for you.
New Property Buying: Help our clients determine a fair offer to make.

  • Current Property Value: We will help determine the value of your property in today's market.
  • Competitive Market Analysis: Help determine what price your property will sell at.
  • Finance & Mortgage: We can refer you to Local Lending Institutions.
  • Insurance: We can refer you to insurance company for your new home or condominium.
  • Purchase & Sale: We are there for our clients for both selling and purchasing. From the start, to the end of the process.

We can manage your home, condominium unit or apartment complex. Give us a call: 1-649-946-4777 or e-mail: info@executiverealty-tci.com

  • Routine Check: Check your property every two weeks.
  • Paperwork: Prepare Leases and Inventory of your property.
  • Services: Receive rents on your behalf at our office and send you monthly statements including debit collection from tenants.
  • Payment Services: Pay all the suppliers, Landscapers, Pool Company....from your Trust Account with us.
  • Maintenance: Crew Arrange for all Maintenance Works to be done at the best price.
  • Our Fee: We will do all the above for just 10% of the Rental Income. Contact us: Give us a call: 1-649-946-4777 or 305-712-1978 or send us an e-mail: info@executiverealty-tci.com